Friday, May 04, 2001

have I kept you on the edge of your seats just waiting for another update? no, haha. well yesterday I had a wonderful time relaxing in the rays of the glorious sun. I have a nice tan too. woo! I realized that I haven' been keeping up with the music scene. first, I had no idea that joey ramone died until yesterday! moment of silence.....
second, the sheila devine released "where have my countrymen gone?" and I had no idea about that either. this is why I can't wait for summer... I won't have to think about organic chemistry and I can keep up with and do things that I miss out on during the school year. I have had this urge to just do something random over the summer. like take a nice long road trip. perhaps I could go to eeasturn keentuckiee and catch "the peace soldiers" and their overgrown mullets. that would be a treat. I don't think half of you know what I am talking about but it's ok. if not a road trip than I want to get me a sweet job. something that pays well and is something that I want to do. riiiigghttt... I am sure I will end up counting pills in the pharmacy again.... now that's my dream job. one valium for you.... two for me. simmer down... i'm kidding, usually the pharmacist just deals us some fun prescription drugs to play with free of charge. kidding again. ( with a southern accent) don git yer pannies ina twist! i'm off for now. gotta finish a paper and then i'm going to monroe ave. to do some shopping and to stop at the sal val and look for some deals.

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

maybe this isnt something I should be sharing but I thought that it was quite funny. I woke up this morning and I was feeling a little sad I guess... sometimes when I am blow-dryng my hair I turn on the tv just so I dont get bored. today I thought that I would watch the maury povitch show. there were these midgets on the show and they were youg girls who were talking about how they aren't really different from anyone else. and they wanted to sing this song for the audience that this country artist named mark wills sings. as it turned out, maury got the country artist to come to the show and sing and the girls were just so touched. i cried. LOL. it was cute and sweet and all but normally that wouldn't make me tear. that's how you can tell that you are pmsing. emotions. hee hee. I'm not a wreck so don't freak out. :-P I felt better though.
I think that I am going to try to figure out how to fancy this page up a bit. maybe have my own webpage or something to connect this to. the plain white background just isnt doing it for me. this weekend i will play with my wedcam/digital camera and see if I can get a few random pictures up.
so... this is me... the raw unedited version. I'll just jump in with something random. have you ever wanted something very badly? of course you have. you are human. I hope. I am the type who either wants something so badly or builds it up in her mind that once you get it, it isn't anything that I thought that it would be. not all the time. that statement could scare some people. whew. this isn't as easy as I thought that it would be. I can see how the Gusters must find it hard to find something interesting during a day to write about for random people to read. I am talking about the journal that Guster keeps on their website. check it out. did you think that I wouldn't say something about them or something about music? HA! I shouldnt complain when the journal updates are crappy....
have I mentioned that this isn't as easy as I thought it would be? perhaps I could occupy your eyes with an original poem written by yours truly. I think it may be a little too early for that. Or how about we just leave it here for now. I can't tell you all about myself in one sitting. It takes time my friends... time. Not too shabby for my first time eh? Writing that is. Don't get any dirty ideas. Oh, and I created a new email addy just cuz I wanted to... send me something if you want... but NO PORN... alright well a little never hurt anyone (kidding, relax.)