Saturday, May 19, 2001

I have discovered internet radio. what a concept! it's amazing. is awesome. I found out about it through the aware radio kicks ass. they play some fantastic artists and I don't have to listen to the crap on regular radio stations. I wish I had known about this earlier. I wouldn't have been struggling with napster. if you haven't already, try it out. I feel like I am advertising (lol) but this is definitely worth it. rok on!

Friday, May 18, 2001

drink wine. whenever you feel yourself getting a cold, drink wine. I'm drinking chardonnay. I was feeling like crap before and now I feel ok. I mean, despite the fact that I am completely exhausted. I tried sleeping but that didn't work. usually I can fall asleep in a blink but not today. it can be any wine. merloz. whatever. perhaps the wine is masking the symptoms that I was having before... scratchy throat, sneezing, stuffy head, drippage of lovely mucus into my throat. mmm. I know that wine has lots of vitamin C, which is very good for the immune system. important for your body when fighting foreign particles. there is no cure for the common cold, but wine sure does help. the cure. good band. very good band. mmmm.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

well, someone wise once said... procrastination is like masterbation. it's all fun and games until you realize you are f&*%ing yourself. I think I am screwing myself right now. I should be studying but I just can't sit myself down to do it. I am basically DONE on friday and it's killing me. I am usually very good about this but I can't sit still and my mind keeps wandering onto topics that are not very important. they will be important on friday when everything else is over. what am I thinking about? well, all that I want to do over the summer. oh the freedom that I will have. hopefully. for photography, music, friends, roadtrips, biking, reading REAL books, not textbooks. (not that textbooks aren't real books, you know what I mean.) just time for me to do any and everything. I want a new job. I have an ideal one in mind but it is a little far fetched. I don't wanna share cuz you might laugh. ok a hint: working somehow for an awesome band. there I said it. I would do anything ( well almost.) I would even clean their toilets with a toothbrush. hmmmm maybe not that. I guess I just want to get out and explore life. meet people. do something that isn't what I have been doing. do something that I want to do. even a small something. a half hour has gone by. gotta jet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

I can't even describe the events that happened today. lol. weird shit. I'm studying for microbiology now. doh!

Monday, May 14, 2001

there was some trouble with posting over this thing over the weekend so you might have missed an entry...
my roommate made an " I Love You" sign for her boyfriend. cute. it was really cute actually. the best part is what it was made out of...
blue poster board was the background. then the actual words were made out of thin salted matzos which were elmer's glued on. then for some color, she painted the matzos with pink shinny nail polish and there was a heart in the corner. it was the funniest yet cutest thing. it was appropriate because he is jewish. hee hee. fun story. I am eating some matzo right now. it really doesn't taste too bad, but it really doesn't have too much of a taste. good though. I think I want more. mmmm.

P.S. I conquered organic chem. yes, I kicked Dr. Turner's ass ( in an academic sense) thanks to some help and some major studying.