Friday, May 25, 2001

so, I am home now, not at school. it's nice to be home. I needed a break from everything. tonight I went to Thursday in the Square and I saw the Mighty Mighty Bosstones for free. another great Boston band. I only know the songs that they play on the radio but it was still a very good show. I can' t complain. it was free. it was a good show though not just because it was free. everyone was dancing and there was a huge pit. it was great. mmm summer. The Sheila Devine is coming to Thursday in the Square and The Push Stars are coming with them so that should be a good one. Pat Benatar is coming too. definitely going to go see those ones. it is amazing what some girls will do to get attention, what people in general will do. these girls were sitting on people's shoulders (at the show tonight) and they proceded to flash the crowd, bare chested. to put it bluntly, how disgusting. they basically degraded themselves right there in front of everybody. and women wonder why they are victims of violence. I know no one asks to be a victim of anything but with behavior like that, it's no wonder men think it is ok to harass or assault women. it's mind boggling.
hmmmm. to end on something happy... I am singing for two graduations at my college this weekend and I am getting paid for it, so I guess you could say that as a singer, this is my first paid gig. fun times.

Monday, May 21, 2001

I want this to be forum where not only can I share events that happen to me, but where I can express my feelings etc. I hope that it is somewhat *entertaining.* perhaps, insightful, silly, clumsy, dorky. however this is percieved, I hope that it is enjoyed.
I didn't really accomplish too much today. I went to the lilac festival with zak and his fam, ate a "hawiian ice" which is the modern day snow cone I guess. everything is getting upgraded, why not upgrade the snowcone too?! it was kind of funny.... we went to a lilac festival but all that we did was walk around and look at the vendors that had set up little tents. I think I saw some lilacs in the distance. ironic? it was great though, to be outside and not stuck indoors. for the first time it hit me that it was summer and that I won't have to use my brain for any strenuous activity for a while. : ) I can spend time thinking about useless information. which is probably pretty useful actually.
earlier tonight, I was sitting on the couch in my apartment and I realized just how much I have grown as a person and just how far I have come. life is so precious. have you ever just had moments where you realize these things? I know that some people don't and I feel lucky that I am a person who knows what has been given to me. I get to create for myself a place in the world. this huge, gigantic world. I have learned that I can overcome any card that life has to deal to me. maybe I am late in learning this lesson, but better late than never. (I'm only 20 so it can't be that late.) forge ahead. go to the matresses. do whatever it takes and you can overcome. is that naive? I don't think so. we have to be realistic about our goals though. I'm getting all philosophical here. I had to type slower to spell that. phili... no... phila... no philOsophical. duh. I may have still spelled it wrong. sometimes, I am not realistic. I know that and I bet you have seen some of that. behind the fantasy, lies the reality. so true for many things in life. there is nothing wrong with a little magic and imagination as long as your head stays on your shoulders. another good thing I see, is that I still have more growing to do. we all do in this big bad world that we live in. it'll be a lifelong ordeal, which is fine by me. it makes life that much more real and emotional.